What is anxiety? This question must be answered before it is possible to fully understand the causes of anxiety.

Anxiety is brought about by fear, usually a fear that the sufferer is in some kind of danger. This is what brings on the feelings of panic and distress. When we sense danger our body will react in many different ways such as pains in the chest, stomach pain or heart palpitations for example.

These are all symptoms of anxiety, the bodies way of preparing itself to deal with the danger.

what is anxiety

There can be many contributory factors which determine if someone is susceptible to anxiety from family history to life circumstances. Having answered the question What is anxiety? Let us take a look at the causes:

A person who has experienced some kind of major trauma in their life may be more likely to suffer from anxiety attacks. For example someone who lost a close family member suddenly, or perhaps has suffered physical or mental abuse over a long period of time or were perhaps involved in some sort of accident.

The effect of drugs bought illegally on the street. Such as Ecstasy or LSD to name a couple can cause the addict to suffer symptoms of anxiety. Something you may not be aware of if you are an anxiety sufferer avoid coffee. The chemical in coffee called caffeine can exacerbate anxiety symptoms greatly.

It is possible that anxiety can be hereditary, it can be in the genetic make-up. Research has shown that in identical twins where one develops acute anxiety the other twin has a greatly increase chance of also showing symptoms.

A individuals personality can also have a great influence on their mental health. Someone who has very low self esteem and lacks confidence in themselves are more likely to develop an anxiety disorder. It is also possible for someone who has suffered from anxiety disorders as a child to have very little self confidence as an adult.

Any stressful situation can cause anxiety symptoms for example the break up of a marriage, moving house or starting a new job.


Anxiety can be caused by many different things. Everyone at sometime in their lives feel anxious particularly if they find themselves outside their own comfort zone.

Exams are a great example where most people get very uneasy and nervous possibly. Because they are frightened of failure and of what others will think and say if they do fail.

What is anxiety? Hopefully this will have answered the question and gone some way to showing what the causes of anxiety can be.

If you recognize any symptoms which you suffer regularly. There is help available in any forms. Treatment does work so, get help do not suffer alone.


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