Acne is a skin condition that sometimes comes and goes away by itself. And other times it needs a nudge in the right direction to disappear. It mostly affects teenagers. But sadly the rest of us aren’t always spared either. Acne treatment is routinely performed on a daily basis by dermatologists.

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We say we have acne when pores (also called follicles) get blocked and sebum. Which is oil from sebaceous glands, gets stuck on the way to the surface of our skin. Once that happens, bacteria starts to grow. While sometimes the bacteria remains below the surface, forming a whitehead, it erupts at other times, causing a blackhead.

If you’re not sure what exactly is a whitehead, think back to those white, really tiny spots, or bumps on your skin. Which sometimes are quite difficult to spot because they are that small! Mostly affected areas of the skin are the nose and the cheekbones. This is not to say they don’t appear someplace else, as well.

They do, but when explaining people about whiteheads, everybody “gets it” right away when cheekbones and nose are mentioned. Because we all had acne experiences in these are at some point and they were quite annoying since they were almost impossible to “grab”, they were so tiny and slippery.

Blackheads, on the other hand, occur when the pores become clogged on the skin surface, and the sebum, the oil that contains melanin (a skin pigment), changes color to dark brown or black, due to getting in contact with the air. You know you have a blackhead when you have a little black spot on your face and you’re compulsively trying to squeeze it.

Whiteheads and blackheads are both non-inflammatory types of acne. If you have one of these, you’re well off to a very speedy and easy recovery, given a few home remedies. However, there are also inflammatory acne types, including: papules, pustules, nodules, cysts, mylia and others, too many to count on one hand. We will discuss each of these in further articles.

The reason why acne treatment is most of the times needed is simply because acne is a skin condition. And like all skin conditions, it shows prominently on the skin. I’m sure you have seen countless times people running around with big zits on their faces or maybe at the beach, with big pimples on their backs. And all you wanted to do is go to them and squeeze the heck of that zit!

Well, it’s really not a nice condition to have, since we are social creatures. And we do depend a lot on the feedback of others. Imagine the psychological damage a negative acne related comment from friends, relatives and others can make. If you are in a rather tender, young age when you’re quite influenceable. Peer pressure is very strong in our society!

If you find yourself getting your first signs of acne, don’t panic, simply start keeping an eye on your zits. Do you get more? Are the ones appeared going away soon or they seem to be there to stay? Then you will know if you need a proper acne treatment. The type of treatment will depend on the severity of your acne.


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