What causes arm fat? This is an old age question as the problem usually comes out of nowhere. It is always associated with age because its a rare occurrence in kids though its present in some teens. However some say its hereditary, I want to make a point that its actually a result of the lifestyle we live.

Fat arms are also referred to as jiggly arms/wiggly or flabby arms. The difference between upper arm fat, lower arm fat and inner arm fat is minimal because the cause is the same.

what causes arm fat


What Causes Arm Fat?

Eating Habits

Eating too much sugar, fatty food, red meat is dangerous not only in causing flabby arms but also in many ways as most of us know. Its not bad to eat such foods but its advisable to take them in limited contented and where possible. To get rid of arm fat, you should first give yourself a break on such foods. Just try to avoid all junk food including chocolates, sweets, cakes , salty foods and the end results will prevail after some time.


Lack of Physical Activity

Physical exercises also known as physicals/ workouts are important. Gyming can be done anywhere where there is enough space so we are mostly limited by laziness otherwise we would be free from fat on our bodies if we exercised.

These arm workouts and exercises help to burn arm fat and allow the easy flow of blood in the arms and the whole body system. The best arm exercises and arm workouts you should do include the following; Push ups , wall sits, bench dips, arm stretches,pull ups and chin ups.



Now few people know this but stress is a key factor in a human’s failure in blood supply in some body parts. This manages to make body hormones dormant and controls their actions to limits.

As a result, fat builds up in the arms or other parts of the body. If you want to get rid of arm fat try to avoid stress. Be happy and have fun and life is short to worry enough.


Lack of Self Esteem

This is both a cause and also a result of fat arms. Make sure you do all it takes to solve the problem of how to get rid of fat arms by taking your self esteem high.

I’m bringing the solution in the next post so make sure you read it for the tips on getting rid of arm fat.


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