Many people wonder what causes age spots. There are many different factors that can cause ages spots. Most of the medical field believes that age spots are ultimately caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays. And too much exposure can lead to age spots to appear later in life through the aging process.

what causes age spots

Some people think that age spots are caused by the liver’s reduced performance combined with the increase in free radicals throughout the body.

Some different theories about the causes of age spots include certain antibiotics like tetracycline. As well as food additives and chemicals such as psoralen. Which is found in herbs such as parsnips and parsley. These chemicals and medicines are thought to increase the skin’s sensitivity to the sun. Resulting in these brown spots on specific areas of the skin.

There are many different studies that are being performed on what causes age spots. Some of these studies have found that those who were exposed to these certain chemicals were more likely to have age spots later in life than those who were not exposed.

Using a precaution when a person is out in the sun by applying sun screen can help the skin not to feel the harmful effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. These rays can damage the skin’s surface and cause over production of melanin in certain areas of exposure.

The age spots that appear later in life are thought to be linked to unprotected exposure to the sun’s harmful rays. When the sun is protected with sunscreen, the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays cannot penetrate the sunscreen. So the skin is protected against age spots.

When a person is exposed to many years of ultraviolet rays through the sun or by using tanning beds. The full extent of the damage does not appear right away. As time goes on, and the aging process sets in, the damages from the sun including age spots begin to show up.

These can be prevented by limiting exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays. Wearing clothing does not always prevent sun exposure. Because some fabric can allow the sun to penetrate through. This is also what causes age spots. Many scientists and doctors believe the sun is what causes age spots when a person ages.

There are some beliefs that the chemicals found in antibiotics as well as some foods cause sensitivity to the sun that later develops into sun spots.

All of these causes can be prevented by limited sun exposure and taking special precaution when in the sun. Click to health and care!

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