Ear infection can occur due to a number of factors. To start with, the production and accumulation of fluids or wax in the ear could lead to blockage of the Eustachian tube. This is mostly associated with otitis media, a kind of ear infection. What are the ear infection symptoms? There are many symptoms of ear infections as we are going to see.

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These ear infection symptoms are divided into three: those on the outer ear; the inner ear and labyrinthitis.

The Outer Ear

If you have an infection on the outer ear or what is commonly referred to as the swimmer’s ear. You will exhibit some signs. You will feel some pain when the ear is touched by hand. You will also notice that pus will start oozing out of the ear. If the oozing continues for a while with treatment being undertaken, this could cause hearing impairment…


Middle Ear

The middle ear can also be infected in such way that you experience pain and fullness. There are also chills and fever present and the child may be hard of hearing as a result. Pus is also present especially if otitis media (infection in the middle ear) persists.

You will tell the child is infected in the middle ear if you see them tugging at their ears and can hardly sleep. It is therefore important to note these ear infection symptoms and take remedial action to avert a possible ear loss problem in the immediate future.



This is a disease of the ear caused by bacterial infection. Viruses can also lead to this condition whereby you will experience dizziness, the ear rings and hearing impairment. You will also suffer from nausea and vomiting.



Ear infection symptoms can lead to further complications if not attended on time. Examples of these complications include abscess of the brain, enlargement of the adenoids, rupturing of the ear drums and deafness. In some cases, you will get meningitis.


Other Symptoms

There are many other ear infection symptoms that you should look out for. These include rise in temperature due to fever, swelling of the ear and problem with finding body balance.


Who are most vulnerable to ear infections?

Although adults can be affected by ear infections, you will find that children and infants are most vulnerable to the infections.

People who like swimming are also at risk of getting ear infections, hence the name swimmer’s ear. Certain infections such as those of the upper respiratory area can lead to ear infection. You should know that the following leading to propensity to ear infections:

Changing climates unnecessarily, for instance moving from warm to cold climates.

Failing to properly breastfeed your child; this exposes them to rare infection due to decreased immunity.

Genetics play a role in ear infections; if you come from a home where someone has suffered from ear infections in the past, you will have an increased risk of suffering from the same.


Having identified ear infection symptoms, it is important to take the next step in getting immediate treatment, either through home remedies or seeking medical treatment.


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