Hello, I’m Maya Taylor. Thank you stop reading this post in the blog. Today I’m a review is “Omega Body Blueprint”.

The Omega Body Blueprint by John Romaniello is a step-by-step system that offers scientifically and effective developed training styles that will assist you build solid and lean muscles in 40 days…

omega body blueprint


Product Name: Omega Body Blueprint

Author Name: John Romaniello

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Product Rating: 4.35 out of 5



What Is The “Omega Body Blueprint”?

The “Omega Body Blueprint” developed by “John Romaniello” a New York Times bestselling author and fitness expert, the program is a step-by-step system that offers scientifically and effective developed training styles that will assist you build solid and lean muscles and lose those stubborn fats from your trouble spots in as rapid as 40 days.

John Romaniello” discusses that this is precisely where the “Omega Body Blueprint” can assist. This fat-burning program addresses these hormonal issues through its various training styles. Each training design creates a specific hormonal response to counteract a specific hormone problem. It strategically combines Lactic Acid Training, Strength Circuits, Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT), and Density Training.

The “Omega Body Blueprint” includes 6 parts, and below is a brief description of each one of them:

Part # 1: The “Training Guide” which contains a 40-days system that takes on all “John’s 24 Hormonal Response Training” workouts.

Part # 2: The “Exercise Charts” which will certainly make things simpler for you. John clarifies he designed these training log sheets to give you with the total details on the sorts of workouts you should be doing and the specific variety of reps and sets.

Part # 3: The “Nutrition Calculator” that was particularly created to show you the exact serving sizes and arrangement of the foods you eat.

Part # 4: The “Nutrition Manual” contains the information and John Romaniello’s nutrition theories on ways to consume for hormonal optimization, weight loss, and good health, so you can have the “Omega Body” you’ve been promised.

Part # 5: The “Supplement Guide” of the main guide will show a effective supplements and list of cost-efficient for health and weight loss.

Part # 6: The “Quick Start Check List” information all the things you should to know to start complying with the “Omega Body Blueprint” on the right path.


Some examples of the main things that you can anticipate to discover inside the “Omega Body Blueprint” include:

The top FOUR exercises for fast weight loss.

The reason why your system isn’t assisting you to lose stubborn fats, including techniques on ways to tweak the organization of your workouts to double your results in just half the time.

An effective training style that permitted John’s customer to lose as much as 2.5 Ibs in simply 2 exercises.

Ways to train to effectively manipulate hormones into start building rock-solid muscles and shedding unwanted fats, and more…


That is just the technique of the iceberg. If you want to learn more about the various elements that “John Romaniello” provides inside the program you can visit the “Omega Body Blueprint” main website.

omega body blueprint review

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The Advantages:

Experienced and Sought-after Author

John is an angel investor, a model, an entrepreneur, NYT bestselling author, and a strength coach. He even made it to the leading 100 list by “Greatist” for the most significant people in the fitness and health niche.

So, what I’m saying is that John is more than certified to develop exercise systems such as the “Omega Body Blueprint” as well as he is definitely a person that can be relied on.


Simple To Follow

I believe you would not have problems following to the “Omega Body Blueprint” because it’s written in a casual, simple to understand, organized well, and informative style in a step-by-step manner. I additionally should confess that “John Romaniello” did an excellent task at discussing his different and concepts fitness issues, like “exercise plateaus”.


Requires Marginal Workout Tools

If you’ve a fitness center membership, excellent! It would make the “Omega Body Blueprint” a lot more effective. Nevertheless, if you do not have one, it isn’t something to be worried because this system can be done in the conveniences of your residence.

Generally, you just need to have 2 workout devices, Dumbbells and Swiss Ball. If you want you can use other exercise equipment and even mix things up, like “Resistance Bands“.


Triple Guarantee

John ensures that the “Omega Body Blueprint” includes high quality details, will generate quick outcomes by the end of 40 days, and supported by unmatched customer service team. And the excellent thing is that if it confirms to be a dissatisfaction for you, then you could just obtain a 100% money back within 1-month.



The Disadvantages:

Available Only In Digital Format

Format all the videos and guides that you’ll discover inside the “Omega Body Blueprint” been available in a downloadable format and there are no physical formats inside this system.

This is generally something great for the many of people since they do not have to pay extra fees for handling and shipping or wait for days. Nonetheless, if you prefer DVDs or physical books, this might prove to be a problem for you.


Requires Some Experience

I should say that I believe those who have never undergone any intensive exercise system, or newbies are not getting the complete benefits of the “Omega Body Blueprint“. The exercises are challenging, so you really should have some experience and need to be in a healthy state in order to do them right.


Not Going To Be Easy

It is simple to follow, but it isn’t utterly easy that you could manage to be lazy. This isn’t for people who are looking for a “quick fix” or unmotivated. If you aren’t willing to invest effort and time, you could also skip this.




I believe that the “Omega Body Blueprint” is a excellent fat-burning system, as well as just by knowing the pro background of “John Romaniello” most individuals will probably promptly feel great to take this on a “test drive“. Obviously, the 1-month refund guarantee is an added reason.

The “Omega Body Blueprint” isn’t for everybody.

If you never undergone any intense exercise system, if you are planning to let this sit there on your PC, or if you are too lazy, then that the “Omega Body Blueprint” may not be for you.

If you’re dying to get rid of those stubborn fats without spending a lot of money on training and equipment, and you do have some former experience, then the “Omega Body Blueprint” is an excellent choice for you.

This system supplies some of one of the most efficient training styles I’ve actually ever before seen, and also I truly think that most women and men will discover this rapid fat-burning system to be benefit for them. This method, the full money back guarantee that “John Romaniello” provides offers you great deals of time to test the system without risking your money, so I think that it worth the try.



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