Hello, I’m Maya Taylor. Thank you stop reading this post in the blog. Today I’m a review is “Body Weight Pilates“.

The Body Weight Pilates by Sylvia Favela is a structured system that provides a fast fat loss plan…

body weight pilates


Product Name : Body Weight Pilates

Author Name : Sylvia Favela

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Product Rating : 4.00 out of 5



After spending a couple of days see over the system here is my Body Weight Pilates Review. Exercises, workouts, and sports are certainly healthy activities for females and males.

I believe that it is one of the great practices to maintain and increase energy levels in the body but the thing is, occasionally, women wants to focus on light weight or being thin because that is their idea of being sexy.

They tend to exercise and eat too little so much and doing this in the long run can cause serious damage to health or worst, death. It is important to go on slowly but surely so that it won’t give negative effects.

Be sure to always remain persistent and only add small amounts of weight over time. To cut the very long story short, below is the overview of the Body Weight Pilates program that will give you honest insights.


Why Try Body Weight Pilates Program?

The Body Weight Pilates system is a best tool to help and figure out you with your problems related to health and muscles. As you have heard, more and more people today are overweight compared few years back. In fact, 1/3 of all the kids between ages 5 and 20 are obese. No wonder why the young ones are developing health problems.

Obesity can make you feel uncomfortable, tired, and unconfident plus it adds stress on the body especially to joints and bones. People in this kind of situation have higher tendency to develop diabetes and heart disease other health problems may include:

Asthma. Too much fat is associated with breathing difficulties which makes it harder to deal with people, do sports, and daily activities.

Arthritis. Tear on the joints may occur if too much fat is present in the body and this is surely very painful.

High blood pressure and High cholesterol. These 2 things increase the possibility of stroke and heart attack.

Polycystic ovary syndrome. This is so common to most women who are overweight wherein there is no regular period or do not get their monthly menstruation at all.

Blount diseases. Excess fat can lead to bone deformity of the lower legs.

Fatty liver. Permanent damage and Inflammation can occur if the liver contains too much fat.

Sleep apnea. This is a condition wherein the person temporarily stops breathing when sleeping.

Diabetes and insulin resistance. When there is too much weight, insulin is less effective at getting glucose and for some, this may result to 2 kinds of diabetes.

Depression. Overweight people are more likely to have lower self-esteem and be depressed. They tend to think that they are ugly because of their figure.

Now let’s take a look at the next part of this Body Weight Pilates Review. I want to highlight a few of the pros about the program…

body weight pilates review

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The Advantages:

60-days Money back guarantee.

A best overall exercise because it’s a mix of Pilates-based and Cardio workouts.

Includes different types of exercises which doesn’t bore someone.

Excellent introduction to working with fat and well demonstrated or explained.

Close-up filming helps you see what to do in an accurate manner.

Good pacing and not too much extraneous chatter.



The Disadvantages:

Some workouts are not back-friendly.

The system is not as simple as you do it for a few days and you get results. You have to stick with it till the end. This isn’t really a con, but some people may consider it one so I thought I would put it here.


What The Body Weight Pilates Program Contains?

31 Core Body Weight Pilates Exercise. Component number one contains the core idea of the program which focuses more on toning your physique and improving physical performance.

11 Upper Body Weight Pilates. This is also known as the component number two which doesn’t require equipment.

11 Lower Body Weight Pilates. Component number three is another effective and fun lower body Pilates exercises that lets your own body weight develop the right amount of resistance to your exercise.

Pilates Core-V Video Series. A 3 video series of the top Pilates Core moves that develops muscles and increases strength in your midsection area.



What Can I Say About The Body Weight Pilates Program?

The Body Weight Pilates is a structured system that provides a fast fat loss plan. Therefore, it’s great for someone who wants everything spelled on her or him and for someone who doesn’t want to make a lot of decision them.

Over all, you only have to love the program and everything related to it. I hope you found my Body Weight Pilates article helpful and useful.



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