Hello, I’m Maya Taylor. Thank you stop reading this post in the blog. Today I’m a review is “SpecForce Abs”.

The SpecForce Abs by Todd Lamb is plan has been created to assist men and women get perfectly and strong chiseled 6-pack ABS in just 30-40 days…

specforce abs


Product Name: The SpecForce Abs

Author Name: Todd Lamb

Website Official: CLICK HERE

Product Rating: 4.50 out of 5



Getting six abs and well streamlined body is dream of every man and woman. It wouldn’t be wrong at all to say that we are living in a fitness conscious world. People spend lot of time in gyms not only merely to get in shape but look appealing.

Issue is that most of them fall a trap of wrong claims. All they need is a perfectly fit body, but they fail to develop it. Reason is very much obvious. What they are taught at the gym, doesn’t suit them simply. Briefly, they try out wrong method.

It is a fact that losing weight and getting six abs is not much difficult at all. The task surely becomes impossible to achieve, if done by following the wrong path. Getting a well-shaped body is a mixture of things. One needs to follow right work out, right diet plans and must have enough passion and motivation.

Luckily, the “Specforce Abs“, a system that offers 6 Abs body within 6 weeks is a workable solution.


What is the “SpecForce Abs”?

The “Specforce Abs” focuses on offering guidance to the fitness enthusiasts. The course sheds light on the five basic factors that have proven use for giving out hard, flat and well defined abs.

All these methods work in best way and have ability to beat all other available protocols. These factors include the abdominal armouring, asset stacking, fixed angle contractions, TQ Workups and Strategic Target Selection. All these work out plans are more target oriented.

There is an important attribute that makes “Specforce Abs” more distinguishable. This attribute is significance of the program in military training. In this way, it aims at making a person more quick, active and able to perform rapid actions. The “Specforce Abs” in fact prepares you to capable of learning the martial arts, even in better way. Well, that comes in later stages, but that abs benefit is worth reaping one.



There is hardly any person in the world who doesn’t want to get a well-shaped, 6Abs body. Have you asked why all of them don’t give the process a real try? Reason is simple.

Getting 6Abs is not an easy thing one needs to spend months of hard work in gym for getting a flashy body in real terms. They not only need to follow a tough exercise regime, but also have to put certain restrictions on their diet.

Now, let me sum the most eminent benefit for you. The “Specforce Abs” is not like shot in darkness. The system simply prohibits from taking any such exercise that could be dangerous otherwise. Just take the example of an advanced technique of EM or Electromyography.

It is utilization of a meter to measure impact of each kind of exercise and movement on body muscles. In this way, a man or woman becomes able of aiming at the target in more precise way.

Keep in mind that too much hard working doesn’t matter. What matters the most is smart working. Afterall, there is a solid reason behind that six weeks promise for getting six abs.



Program is a well-guided and detailed program. It doesn’t leave a user in midway of some plan, but guides till the effective results have been achieved. The package includes the following:

Specforce Abs handbook for man and women.

Five factors that offer target oriented work out.

Fix and Flatten; A guide for getting flat tummy.

BLLI Jeans Perfect, BLitt Solutions.

specforce abs pdf

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Customer Satisfaction

There was a flood of positive feedback when product was offered in market. Most encouraging and positive reviews came on behalf of people who had become tired; they tried many diets and work outs but didn’t face any single positive result.

The “Specforce Abs“, which was definitely not a shot in the air, gave them target oriented results. They succeeded in getting their best, without falling a trap to the victims.


Commonly Asked Questions

Do I need any supplements to achieve the results?
No. The program just focuses on work outs. Hence, there are no such requirements.

Are there any side effects of this plan?
Again no; program works in agreement with natural working of the body.

Do I need to go on diet?
There is no need to restrict their nutritional choices.




The “SpecForce Abs” is a very new and unique abs program that gets an average score of 4.51/5 from us.

While this plan isn’t a “Magic Program” and I believe that it could additionally be enhanced by adding video to the main program, there’s no doubt that this plan could really assist women and men to get very outstanding results in only 6 weeks.

Weight loss and fitness market has got too many options for the customers. Not all of them are safe. The “Specforce Abs” is effective because it offers well calculated solution that targets the parts that need to be. Hence, Specforce is indeed effective.

If you are seeking a new and unique fitness plan from a genuine specialist that can assist you get fantastic ABS in only 3-4 weeks. The “SpecForce Abs” is definitely worth your consideration.

Furthermore, taking into consideration the excellent discount that the creator supplies today for his program, as well as the 60-days full money-back guarantee that he offers. I believe that the “SpecForce Abs” is at least worth a try.



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