A psoriasis cure can help a skin condition which has remained a mystery for doctors and scientists alike. There is no consensus on whether it is an allergic response or an infection caused by a type of bacteria or fungus. It is characterized by reddish patches on the skin which quickly become dry and inflamed.

psoriasis cureIn severe cases of the disease, thick scales can form over the skin and nails may start peeling away from the skin. People suffering from psoriasis may develop social and emotional problems because of the appearance of their skin.

Certain factors act as triggers for psoriasis – being obese, sunburn, reactions to certain medications, and genetics. Genetics plays a major role in psoriasis with more than 30% patients having an affected relative or a family member.

Contrary to what most people think and the appearance of the skin, psoriasis is not a contagious disease. Natural psoriasis remedies help in providing relief and treating the problem. If you are looking how to get rid of psoriasis naturally – click here!


Psoriasis Cure – How to Get Rid of Psoriasis Naturally


Because dry skin is a major trigger for psoriasis, rehydrating the skin can provide relief from dryness. Dry scales can crack and become infected easily. Regular moisturizing will help in removal of scales and prevent their formation in the long term. Use thick moisturizers that lock moisture in.

Apply a natural moisturizing agent such as shea butter or beeswax to moisturize the skin. If you don’t have access to these, regular petroleum jelly will also work great.

Remember to moisturize before going to bed.


Keep Yourself Clean

Certain types of bacteria or fungus can increase the risk of psoriasis. A simple psoriasis cure is to keep yourself clean. Take regular baths and avoid using public showers such as the ones at gymnasiums or health centers.

Epsom salts are quite helpful in cleaning the skin effectively.


Loosen Up

Synthetic fibers like Lycra and nylon can irritate the skin, making psoriasis worse. Wear loose cotton clothing that lets the skin breathe.


Be Safe

Do not willingly invite additional problems like sunburn with psoriasis. A natural psoriasis cure is to avoid taking prolonged sun baths.

Doctors at Mayo Clinic recommend a little sun exposure for about 5-10 minutes a day if you get lesions from psoriasis. But only after the application of a thick sunscreen with a minimum SPF 15.

Try not to participate in any activity where you run the risk of injuring yourself. Cuts and bruises can increase the chances of infection.


Lose Weight

Though a long term solution, many doctors give this advice to psoriasis patients. Being overweight or obese can make it difficult to control and treat psoriasis.

Remember to eat a healthy diet to recuperate from lesions and infections or a particularly painful bout of psoriasis. Avoid red meat, caffeine or alcohol.

Natural psoriasis cures are better than using over the counter creams and medications which may or may not help. If you get lesions because of psoriasis, keep yourself covered even while sleeping with a cotton sheet.


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