Women look to pregnancy home remedies to control or prevent the bane of morning sickness. While not every pregnant woman has this problem, large percentages do, and in her desire to protect her unborn child, a woman may choose to avoid using prescription medication to provide relief.

The most common root causes of morning sickness include:

Hormonal changes resulting from pregnancy.

Deficiency in Vitamin B6.

Sensitivity to odors that can trigger nausea.

pregnancy home remedies

Therefore, you should base the choice of pregnancy home remedies on alleviating these conditions. Since most women do not know which condition is to be blamed for morning sickness, and one method will work for one woman but not for another, it may be necessary to try any number of treatments to find relief.

The most common ways to control morning sickness naturally are:

Eat Often & Chew Slowly: Try eating six to eight small meals throughout the day, instead of three large meals. Chewing slowly can also minimize the risk of nausea. Keeping the stomach empty does mean a lower likelihood of vomiting, but this can be unhealthy for both the mother and the unborn child.

Ginger: Try drinking ginger tea in the morning or at the first signs of morning sickness; ginger soothes the stomach and provides relief from indigestion. Besides using it in tea form, adding ginger to juice or even eating ginger cookies helps minimize the symptoms of morning sickness. Be careful, however, not to consume more than two to three cups of ginger tea per day, as some studies indicate that too much ginger may result in miscarriage.

Lemon Juice or Lemon Slices: Always have lemon juice or lemon slices on hand to help fight the symptoms. You may add the juice to water and sip it slowly for relief or add it to ginger tea to aid digestion. Nibbling or sucking the slices may also to help prevent nausea.

Vitamin B6: Including foods rich in vitamin B6, such as vegetables, bananas, salads and chicken. Correcting this vitamin deficiency is a useful remedy. Many products especially for morning sickness contain vitamin B6, such as fruit-flavored lollipops.

Keeping Hydrated: This is especially important if vomiting accompanies bouts of morning sickness. You can help keep nausea at bay by adding drops of lemon juice or ginger essence to water or natural fruit juice.

Eat Meat (or Protein): Including some protein in the last meal or snack you have before going to bed at night. A light snack containing protein will help keep your blood sugar stable and thus prevent the onset of morning sickness.

Spearmint Tea: Have tea made of spearmint throughout the day; some women find that this works well.

Wait to Brush: Brushing tends to prompt the gag reflex in many pregnant women. If done right after eating, this can trigger a bout of vomiting.


If you are looking for pregnancy home remedies. You should make note of when you get sick and whether anything in particular causes nausea.

This will help you avoid these triggers or to be prepared with a remedy just in case. No one wants severe morning sickness to take away part of the pleasure of being pregnant. So knowing how to minimize this part of pregnancy is important.

Home remedies for morning sickness can be simple and in many cases call for using things readily available at home. Pregnancy home remedies have been around for centuries and have been used with success in many cultures.

The fact that there is very little variation in these remedies across the globe suggests that they do work.

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