Hello, today I’m talk about how to treat a sore throat. Having a sore throat is a very uncomfortable situation. A person with this condition will usually feel a burning sensation and a painful feeling in the throat area. They will most likely have difficulty swallowing both solid and liquid food and drinks.

A feverish feeling may also be associated with it. The neck area can also feel a little softer or more tender than usual. In many cases it is followed with a cough or flu condition though there are also some cases when it isn’t.

how to treat a sore throat

The symptoms associated with this condition are typically coughing and sneezing, hoarseness of voice, fever, a feeling of fatigue, runny nose and lymph nodes that are swollen and tender. Learning how to treat a sore throat is important because this condition is pretty common and can happen every now and then to anyone.

How to treat a sore throat will be tackled in this article but, before that, let’s discuss and try to understand what causes this condition in the first place. This will also help us gain an understanding on how we can properly prevent this condition from recurring (in as much as we can); knowing that it definitely isn’t fun to have a painful throat.


What Are the Causes of a Sore Throat And How Can We Prevent Them?

There are different factors that can trigger a sore throat condition. Please see some of the common ones below:

Viruses The same virus that causes flu is the same virus that can also cause a swollen or sore throat. This is why in many cases sore throat is followed by a cough. The best way to prevent getting viruses that lead to sore throat is to keep oneself as healthy and fit as possible. This means eating well and exercising often. A healthy individual is less likely to be susceptible to these viruses.

Bacteria – Aside from viruses, bacteria can also cause this health problem. These bacteria are called “Arcanobacterium haemolyticum” and are the main type of bacteria that can cause sore throat. To combat these bacteria that cause this condition, keep yourself as healthy as possible. Eating more fruits and vegetables will keep you ready to fight off these harmful agents. Getting the right amount of sleep every night is also of paramount significance.

Medications that lower the strength of one’s immune defense – Medications like chemotherapy for cancer patients, antibiotic treatment among others can lower an individual’s immune system. As a result, the person becomes more prone to sore throat and other health conditions. If these medications can be avoided, do so. If not, find a way to boost your immune system while going through these medications.


What Are the How To Treat a Sore Throat?

Treating this condition is quite simple and does not involve complicated means or steps or expensive medications. In fact, there are various home treatment options you can do to handle your painful throat. Read our suggestions below:

Gargle using warm water containing salt. Dissolve around 1 teaspoon of salt in 200 ml of warm water and gargle it. Do this every hour or as often as needed. If you have a severe condition of sore throat, do this more often to make the healing process faster.

Drink hot liquids such as a warm tea, warm lemon juice or soup to sooth your throat. It will make you feel a little more comfortable afterwards and will lessen the irritation brought by your condition.

Get plenty of rest. If at all possible, stay at home and get a lot of bed rest.

Drink lots of fluids to avoid dehydration and to cleanse your throat and body.

Take lozenges and hard candies to give you a temporary relief from your swollen or sore throat. Take them as often as necessary.

Eat lots of fruits to boost your immune system and help your body fight off the virus and bacteria causing your condition.

Use a decongestant if your nose also happens to be clogged. One of the symptoms of sore throat is also a clogged nose. Do not ignore this and choose to breathe from the mouth because breathing through the mouth can cause dryness in your throat and only worsen your condition.

Utilize a humidifier and put it in your room where you are resting to bring moisture into the air. Dryness in the air can lead to sore throat or worsen it especially when a person is mouth breathing this type of air.


The above steps we outlined are very clear, easy to follow and simple steps on how to treat a sore throat. You can easily apply them the next time you are faced with a sore throat problem. However, if the problem persists or is extremely severe, please consult your physician. Remember that the best way to prevent this problem is for you to keep yourself as healthy as possible.

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