So it is the wish and the most humble expectation of many patients, who are suffering from hemorrhoids. They are all waiting and craving for a successful way to find “how to get rid of hemorrhoids fast“.

The swollen blood vessels in and around the anus as well as rectum is considered as hemorrhoids. These swollen blood vessels can be found in the anus or around the anus (out side).

how to get rid of hemorrhoids fast

What are the factors that lead to this situation?

There are several factors for this unpleasant situation. The main reason is constipation.

There are some other reasons too, such as heredity, age, pregnancy, and diarrhea. They are very common in the people who are having problems with passing the stool, sit for long periods and pregnant. If there is blood in the stool and itching and pain in the bottom area, it is better to contact the doctor. The treatments should be done after identifying the problem.


The Treatments:

Salt water can do a great help to alleviate the pain.

How to get rid of hemorrhoids fast is one of the major problems in our society. There are several treatments and medications in order to get rid of hemorrhoids. It is better to prepare a hot bath and a small amount of Epsom salt is added.

If it is not the common salt can do the business. The patient should sit down on knees and this should be practiced at least 7 times a day. A suitable cream should be applied after each and every bath.


Herbal and Other Natural Supplements:


It can be found in many types of citrus family. The trade mark is given as citrus flavonoids. They have anti inflammatory action, so it reduces the pain to a great extent.



It is a shady tree and the supplement made from the tree is highly marketed product. It can do magic for the patients, as reducing the pain in the anus and then bleeding. The researches have proven that by taking two capsules twice a day, a person can get good results. It can regulate the blood circulation and minimize the swelling of the blood vessels.


Witch Hazel

This is another supplement extracted from that particular tree; it can relive the poor patients by minimizing the swell of the vessels. If there is pain it can be used in the following manner. The supplement should be cooled and a ball of cotton is soaked with the liquid and the ball of cotton should be placed near the hemorrhoid.


Usage of Drugs

The drugs can work faster and lit can cure the disease faster than the other methods. Doxium is the medicine, which is given by most of the physicians.

This is one of the most hated diseases among the patients. Usually it can be seen any part of the world. There are several steps to become a healthy person. Water can do a great service, and it is better to take 8-10 glasses of water. The food with a lot of fiber is a good option. Some walking exercises can enhance the activities of blood vessels.

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