Tooth decay is a common dental problem which might affect people from all age groups. But tooth decay of cavity formation is more likely to attack children and young adults. Cavity formation occurs when bacteria builds up in the mouth and tends to erode the hard outer layer of teeth. Due to this, a hole or several pits might develop on the surface and lead to further degradation. ( If you’re looking how to treat cavities – click here! )

get rid of cavities

Some common symptoms of cavities are tooth pain, sensitivity, ache on having hot or cold food items. And formation of brown spot on the teeth. In case of children, tooth decay is the number one cause of tooth loss and must be treated properly.

The following are some of the treatment methods of cavities in children.The best way and the most commonly applied method to get rid of cavities in children is by filling the decayed part by either porcelain or some other material which is long lasting.

Another way by which dentists treat cavities in children is by going for the crown treatment. Crowns or caps are used when the tooth of a child is excessively decayed and a part of it has to be removed. Crowns are then placed on the removed part to restore the tooth. Crowns can be made of gold, silver allow, porcelain or other kinds of alloys.

A root canal treatment is a way of treating cavities in which nerve of the tooth has died due to the decay in the tooth. This method is only used in severe cases and the nerve of the tooth is removed. After the removal of the nerve tissue, the dentist generally fills up the surface or used the crown treatment to cover the tooth.

Using toothpastes, gels and substances containing fluoride or calcium is also a way of get rid of cavities in children.


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