If you are looking to avoid prescribed medications, a number of home remedies for vertigo are both effective and safe to use at home for the self-treatment of this condition, often accompanied by severe bouts of dizziness, nausea and vomiting.

If you are experiencing these symptoms on a regular basis, consult with a health care professional to make sure that vertigo is what is actually causing your symptoms before starting a home treatment plan. If you are looking how to get rid of vertigo – click here!

home remedies for vertigo


Home Remedies for Vertigo

Vertigo is a medical condition whose basic symptom is stationary dizziness. Caused by different factors for different people, and while pinpointing that cause can be a complex process, treating vertigo is relatively simple. In rare cases, medical assistance is necessary to control severe vertigo; however, simple home remedies for vertigo will improve more than 90% of cases.


The Modified Epley Procedure

Over the last few years, researchers have developed a means of self-treating vertigo at home, without a doctor’s assistance. This method involves a daily procedure of activity, and nearly 95% of those who used it saw a complete alleviation of all vertigo symptoms. To implement this method, utilize the following instructions:

Begin by sitting on your bed and putting a pillow behind you so that when you lie back, it is under your shoulders.

If you are experiencing vertigo in your left ear, turn your head 45 degrees to the left. If in the right ear, turn to the right instead.

With your head still turned in that position, lie back with your shoulders on the pillow and your head resting on the mattress. The effected ear should be down towards the bed. Remain in this position for 30 seconds.

Without raising your head off the mattress. Turn your head 90 degrees to the right and hold the position for 30 seconds.

Turn your head an additional 90 degrees to the right and hold this new position for an additional 30 seconds.

Sit up slowly on your right side.


This home remedies for vertigo should not take more than three to four minutes and should be repeated three times daily until vertigo symptoms have permanently subsided.


Additional Home Remedies for Vertigo

Even when using the Modified Epley Procedure. The symptoms of vertigo are not going to disappear instantaneously.

While you are working towards eradicating your vertigo at home. Several other effective home remedies can help you control the dizziness, nausea and disorientation that are so commonly associated with this condition. Some of these methods include:

Learning to Focus: When you feel a vertigo attack coming, direct your eyes towards a large unmoving object nearby. Keep a steady and direct focus on that object to help the brain regain balance and alleviate dizziness.

Eating Salty Foods: This condition is occasionally caused by a salt level imbalance in the body. To help correct this try eating a snack or meal that is high in sodium to help your symptoms level out.

Drinking Water: While it is always important to stay hydrated, patients who are suffering from a vertigo attack can help ease their dizziness quickly by drinking two to three glasses of cold water in succession.

Head Movement: Certain movements and head positions can cause a sudden attack of vertigo. To avoid this, try keeping your head level and refrain from sudden jerky movements. Also, try not to bend your neck backward while looking up, as this is a common cause of attacks.

Use Extra Pillows: When you are experiencing a bout of vertigo, it sometimes helps just to lie down and relax. Avoid lying flat on your back as this may encourage further symptoms. Instead, keep your head propped up on several pillows.


Experiencing attacks and symptoms of vertigo can sometimes be a scary experience, especially because they often occur unexpectedly. If this condition is something you deal with on a regular basis. Knowing how to treat it using home remedies for vertigo can help you resume your daily activities and manage your symptoms.


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Caution: Please use Home Treatment after Proper Guidance and Research. You accept that you are following any guide at your own risk and consult healthcare professional or will properly research.