GAD otherwise known as General Anxiety Disorder is an illness where symptoms take the form of tremendous tension. And worry and immense anxiety for which there is no obvious reason.

Someone suffering from this disorder will constantly insist that there really are good reasons to get anxious and panic. When presented with the opportunity to relax and take some time out. It is often impossible and the person will stay fixed on worrying about the same fears as before. ( If you are looking how to get rid of anxiety – click here! )

The study of psychology is intended to enable us to better understand the mind. And what makes our thoughts about specific things occur at specific times and about what action we can take deal with this. The big problem is the way in which psychology puts labels on conditions without any thought about what effect these labels themselves may have on patients.

Take for example someone being told that they have General Anxiety Disorder. This person is immediately going to feel that they are different from the rest of the population i.e. they are not “normal” after all they have a disorder right? Wrong! You see this is just messing with an already troubled mind. There is only something wrong with this person because they themselves believe that there is.

General anxiety disorder can get to a point where it becomes increasingly difficult to over come the feelings of anxiety. And worry only because you have already convinced yourself that this is the case.

Environments and situations which would have caused you no problems in the past fill you with fear. Because you have come to expect that this is the reaction you are going to have! Attending any occasion be it for business or pleasure where there is a large gathering of people can be daunting.

However, the crowd will accept you and be impressed by you more. If you are not seen to be needlessly worrying about how you look, act and sound and you will more likely enjoy yourself more too.

If you choose to think in a way which puts yourself down all the time. And makes you unable to mix with the other people in the room they most likely will not give you a second glance. You have the power of mind to determine which of these 2 people you would rather be, all it takes is a little practice.

If you can convince yourself that you can live without fear. And put thoughts of being overpowered by anxiety behind you it is possible that you can rid yourself of general anxiety disorder.

It is a vicious cycle of anxiety, fear and panic. If you can prevent yourself from thinking that you cannot overcome this and break the cycle you can get on with you life and never look back!


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