Dandruff being a common scalp disorder, one can make a choice of homemade natural treatment for getting cured. Most of the natural remedies for dandruff are done using things that one makes of use it daily. Shedding of excessive of dead cells from the scalp is said to dandruff.

dandruff remedies at home

Excessive dandruff on scalp will leads to hair loss; pimples on face, hair prematurely turning into grey color and acne in general. Hence to avoid severe and chronic attack of dandruff, one should compulsory undergo treatment.

By using common combs or hairbrush or soaps or even towels for all the persons in the family may be one of the reasons for dandruff getting spread to others. Dandruff makes one to feel embarrassed and creates a self respect problem while moving with the society.


Common Symptoms of Dandruff

The itchiness, flakiness, burning sensations, dry scalp are associated with dandruff which causes one to feel irritated and force to experience high scale of frustration and a big deal of pain.

The other main fact about dandruff is that it grows in size with the accumulation of dirt on scalp. If it is in the normal stage, it can be treated using some shampoos. But if one continuously feels the itchiness and scalp getting reddish while scratching. It shows the severe attack of fungus or might be a symptom of any skin diseases.

In spite of thousands of natural home based remedies for dandruff cure are available. The most common treatment which people do is using dandruff control shampoos. Before using shampoos, one should clearly understand that by using dandruff control shampoos, the growth of dandruff can be controlled to an extent but it is rare case to cure dandruff completely.


Few Easy Tips for Dandruff Treatment from Home

Soaking hair with vinegar water mixture is one of the most commonly suggested remedies for dandruff cure. The mixture should be derived using 3 parts of water is to 1 part of vinegar proportion. After soaking one should tightly wrap the hair using towel around the head and leave it as such till next day morning.

And on the next day he or she can go ahead with rinsing of hair. 1:2 proportionate of lemon is to vinegar should be mixed well and then it should be applied on scalp. After 10 minutes of applying, regular shampoo with raw egg mixed can be used for washing the hair.

Equal parts of almond oil and olive oil can be used for controlling the dandruff. By massaging the hair and scalp using this mixture for about five to seven minutes, one will feel the burning sensation by which she or he can rinse the hair well.

The one of the simplest remedies for dandruff is using of dried used tea leaves. Boil 3 scoops of the same in lime water and one can make use of it as a last rinse after shampooing with regular shampoo. It provides both nourishments to hair and a polished shine which makes one to turn back and see.


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