Do you find being in a social situation with a lot of other people makes you feel very ill at ease and anxious when others in the room seem relaxed and happy? If this is the case you probably are suffering from a phobia known as social anxiety disorder.

In some instances social anxiety disorder and a panic disorder team up and can cause the sufferer great misery. Just the thought of having to deal with a social occasion can bring on a major panic attack. ( If you are looking how to get rid of anxiety – click here! )

dealing with anxiety

Before it is possible to begin dealing with anxiety. It is important that the symptoms are properly understood and diagnosed properly. The most common symptoms are usually intense worry. Irritability even when there is no apparent reason and the person is unable to relax. The physical signs tend to include trouble sleeping, profuse sweating, tension in the muscles and headaches to list but a few.

The treatment is very much dependant on the individual. There are a vast number of treatments available. And in most cases these are very effective in dealing with anxiety disorder.

The sad fact is that there are a huge number of people who suffer from this phobia who do not get an accurate diagnoses. And therefore do not receive the treatment they desperately need. The reason for this is that to others, it may not be obvious that an individual has a problem.

The physical symptoms felt by the sufferer during an attack of panic or anxiety are real. They are natural reactions by the body when a person feels threatened in some way even though there is no real threat. It is actually all in the mind. Dealing with anxiety attacks has to be done in a very sensitive way. Telling the sufferer to stop over reacting or being silly will only succeed in making the situation worse by irritating the person.

The best way to help is to encourage them to breath deeply. And give them the time and space they require to work through the attack. By remaining calm yourself and talking in an understanding manner rather than a dismissive one you will be of more assistance.

It is vital that a person can learn to deal with anxiety and stress in such a way that it disrupts everyday life as little as possible. The most important thing to stress is that anxiety should not be left untreated. It is after all a mental illness but it is also very treatable. With the help of medication and other remedies. For example exercise, meditation and yoga used in a combination most suited to the individual.


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