In this the article, I’ll talk about causes of dandruff. Dandruff, those little flakes of white that appear on your clothing at the most in opportune times, is aggravating. Embarrassment is only one of the emotions a person feels when these white specks fall like snow on the shoulders of your best black suit or pretty party dress.

causes of dandruff 

The cause of this ailment is subject for some debate – over time there has been speculation about the cause. Our grandparents used to say it was caused by over shampooing or dry scalp. However recent medical research has decided that there is another cause.


Medical Evidence

Medical evidence suggests that dandruff is actually the result of too much scalp oiliness. A mild case may be caused by overactive oil glands. However, severe cases like seberrheic dermatitis, are usually the result of an over abundance of Pityrosporum ovale.

This organism can be found on healthy scalps in small quantities. When these begin to multiple in large numbers. They agitate the scalp which results in the inflammation and scaling.


Other Causes of Dandruff

Changes in seasons, family history and allergies are known to contribute to dandruff symptoms. Sebaceous glands are meant to lubricate the skin with oil. When they go haywire and overproduce, dandruff becomes hard to control.

Seborrheic dermatitis is usually diagnosed when the flakes are waxy and yellowish. Psoriasis of the scalp may be the culprit if thick, dry lesions, made up of large, silvery scales are present.

These more difficult forms of dandruff can become harmful if the skin on the scalp is scratched until the skin is broken. A break in the skin sets up the possibility of serious infections like staph or strep bacteria. Those with oily scalps, seem to suffer most with this. Proper management of this problem with dandruff can be controlled.

Be sure to look towards the causes of dandruff and seek medical advice to ensure it’s not down to a more serious problem.


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