Hello, I’m Maya Taylor. Thank you stop reading this post in the my blog. Today I’m a written about “Bodybuilding Revealed”.

The Bodybuilding Revealed by Will Brink, is a complete muscle building course…


Product Name : Bodybuilding Revealed

Author Name : Will Brink

Website Official : CLICK HERE

Product Rating : 4.10 out of 5



What Is The Bodybuilding Revealed?

The Bodybuilding Revealed program is a complete muscle building course. It has everything from recovery, training, and nutrition that you will need in order to pack on some serious size.

All the detail is nicely backed up by science so there is no guess of thought where the authors information is coming from.

As mentioned earlier the main eBook itself has a bit over 500 pages of practical, science based information for building muscle. So it’s not something that you skim through in a day to fully digest.

What comes to the content itself the eBook is divided into 5 different sections:

Bodybuilding and Nutrition Diet Everything you need to know about structuring a proper food plan to fuel your muscle growth and more…

Reviews Of Advice and Supplementation (+50 reviews included!)

Weight Training From Beginner To Advanced – The detail on way many sets and reps to do, what kind of workout regimens to execute and more…

Cardio Training – Why doing cardio will help you in building more muscle faster and more…

Mental Preparation and Attitude When Building Muscle – Hugely overlooked aspect of the whole bodybuilding game. Different ideas and techniques on way to motivate yourself and bring the best out of you!


On top of that, there are bonus materials that cover:

Charles Poliquin Mass Gaining Techniques

Information On Periodization

Information On DOMS

Injuries Associated With Weight Training & How To Avoid Them

Hybrid Training Methods

Access to private members area that has all kinds of tools for counting calories, calculating different weight percentages optimal for your exercise, training videos on nutrition planner, how to execute proper form, and a lot of other valuable stuff.


As you see there is quite a hefty amount of the detail available if you decide to buy eBook. And the nice thing is that it is really practical and no BS information that holds value and it will assist you making the bodybuilding gains you are looking for.


About The Author

Will Brink truly knows the outs and ins of bodybuilding game and he has been around for a long time. He has over 15 years of experience being respected author, columnist and consultant, to the fitness, supplement, weight loss and bodybuilding industry.

Will Graduated from Harvard University in natural sciences which can be seen how well he represents everything backed up with science in the eBook.

On top of this Will is a well respected trainer who has been the coach for bodybuilders, olympic athletes, fitness stars and just normal folks like me and you. I especially like his no “BS” attitude towards anything in the fitness community.

Will is definately a force to be reckoned with when it comes to losing fat or building muscle.


Who Will Benefit From Bill’s Product?

As I got done reading the whole guide, I tried to draw conclusion on for exactly who this program is tailored for.

As there is many of the detail in the eBook, I am sure that everyone from advanced or beginner lifters will have something to take house from it.

The eBook is written in simple to understand manner and the detail is well presented. You really do not have to wrap your head around the information too much since Will has broken it down to simple to digest language.

bodybuilding revealed

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Is Bodybuilding Revealed A Scam?

Absolutely not. Bill has tried to put a program out there that every lifter can get value from. The reputation that Will has, there is not a single chance that he would put something mediocore or scammy BS on the market just to make profit and thrash his own image.

Instead he tries to genuinely help people with this program to steer away from all the marketed hype scam programs such as Mike Changs sixpack shortcuts.

Like mentioned earlier, this program has science based detail on way to build strength and muscle naturally without any other dangerous substances.


The Advantages:

The importance placed on Calorie Intake.

Using compound exercises as the foundation.

Science based detailed.

Emphasize on proper mindset when training.

Great the detail on fat loss also.

There are no shortcuts to building muscle, consistency and hard work is the key.


The Disadvantages:

Some out-dated information on meal frequency.

A bit “heavy” to read at times.




When it all comes down to it, the Bodybuilding Revealed program is a eBook that contains best value for its price. With just $47 you get REALLY indepth information on all aspects of nutrition, training, rehabilitation and recovery.

But I can assure you that If you make the decision to invest in this program. You’ll not be wasting your money into some scammy BS that holds no value.

The Bodybuilding Revealed lives to it is name and truly delivers you practical. No BS information on way to achieve that muscular body you have been craving for.

This eBook is NOT for you if you are not ready to put in the work. You can not just read it and set it aside.

If you want it to work you MUST implement the detail to the T. So please if you are not ready to put in the work do not bother wasting your money into it!



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