In early years of childhood and teenage years, many children complaint of pain in the tooth; this pain may be caused due to the presence of cavities in teeth.

A cavity is a structural damage caused in teeth due to the presence of bacteria in the mouth. The bacteria tend to create holes and pits in our mouth which might result in pain and sensitivity. There are many ways to get rid of cavities and the following are some of the best ways by which the problem of cavities can be checked. ( If you’re looking how to treat cavities – click here! )

ways to get rid of cavities

The best way to ensure that we don’t let bacteria build up in the mouth is to brush twice every day. One must make it a point to floss between teeth regularly as this helps in cleaning the gums. Buy toothpaste which contains fluoride and also wash your mouth with an effective mouthwash after every meal.

The dentist might suggest the fluoride treatment to cure cavities as this is an effective way to get rid of a cavity. There are many fluoride gels and foams available in the market.

A cavity can be treated by getting filling done. This treatment can only be performed by a dentist and helps to fix the structural tooth damage.

Another way to treat a cavity which is deep rooted is to get the crown treatment done. In this a covering called a crown is placed on the part of the tooth which has been damaged or where the hole has been formed.

Root canal treatment is also a method through which a cavity can be checked. In this, porcelain fillings are used to cover the area of damage. This method is only required in those cases where the cavity has damaged the root under the teeth as well.


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