In this the article, I’ll talk about bad breath remedies. Having bad breath can be similar to the old movies where Godzilla walked through the middle of the city while everyone ran for their lives. This may sound extreme, but I think we can all agree that a person with chronic bad breath will certainly not be too popular. Or they may be popular, but not for the right reasons!

bad breath remedies

Furthermore, bad breath gets in the way of one’s ability to taste food and enjoy it to a maximum. The good news is that there are excellent bad breath remedies available that can zap the unwanted mouth odor and get you back on track. While these remedies definitely work, it is very important to see a dentist annually for a cleaning. Part of a long-term bad breath remedy and cure is to eliminate tartar build-up and get checked for cavities or other conditions. Click to universal health plan.

Ok, here are some bad breath remedies that you can use right away:


Bad Breath Remedies:

Brushing and Flossing

Obviously, the one and most important of the bad breath remedies is to brush and floss regularly. The other suggestions in this article won’t work very well if you do not brush and flush frequently. Brush and floss your teeth a minimum of three times daily, particularly after each meal, upon arising and before you go to bed.

Get a good anti-cavity, antibacterial rinse and use it at the end of each brushing/flossing session. Swish the mouth wash in your mouth for thirty seconds, until you feel the little burn. That gives the mouth wash sufficient time to kill the bacteria. Flossing is imperative because it takes out the food particles that get stuck between the teeth.

These, left unchecked, will fester with bacteria and cause bad breath, plaque, tartar, gum disease and cavities.


Chew Avocado

Avocado is probably the least know of the bad breath remedies. Avocado turns into a thick paste in the mouth, which acts as an odor-absorbing agent. Let it sit in your mouth and slowly dissolve it with the tongue and move the avocado paste to the right and left cheeks.

Chew it thoroughly and allow the avocado to cover all of your teeth until it dissolves.


Reduce Protein Intake

Another of the bad breath remedies I want to share with you is to reduce your protein consumption. Believe it or not, protein is a common cause for chronic bad breath. Reduce the amount of chicken and/or steak that you eat and, instead, consume more fruits and vegetables.

In a very short time you will notice a remarkable difference. As far as bad breath remedies go, this is one of the most popular ones. Eating more fruits and vegetables is a great practice in general that will benefit your health as well as your breath.


Drink Enough Water

Perhaps the simplest of the bad breath remedies is to drink plenty of water. At least half a gallon daily is recommended. Drinking water regularly will help to wash away any food residue and odor that remains. It keeps the mouth hydrated so that it can constantly flush out the bacteria that accumulate in the mouth.

A dry mouth, on the other hand, will cause very bad breath because the bacteria and corresponding odor will linger. So make sure to sip frequently. Take water with you while on the road. Fill up a half gallon or even a gallon and make sure that it is empty by the end of the day.

This practice is very helpful to keep the digestive system clear, which will also aid your overall health. Fruits and veggies are packed with water, so – as mentioned earlier – eating plenty of these will always be an excellent bad breath remedy.


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