Hey guys, In many of my posts I’ve discussed how to get rid of thrush. And other yeast infections quickly using anti-fungal medicines (such as Canesten) that can be obtained from your doctor or pharmacist. However this method only treats the symptoms and not the cause.

Anti-fungal creams, tablets and pessaries work by killing the over-population of Candida albicans bacteria that has over-run the body. But does not answer the question of why it happened in the first place. ( Click here for how to get rid of thrush and yeast infections! )

how to avoid thrush


Why did the body become over-populated with Candida bacteria?

Why didn’t the body’s immune system prevent it from happening?

If we don’t look at the reasons why we had a bout of thrush and don’t put measures in place to stop it happening. We’re putting ourselves at risk of getting it again.

So, this post is all about how to avoid thrush or how to prevent it by taking an holistic approach. And living a healthy lifestyle so that your immune system can combat the yeast infection before the symptoms arise.


Causes of Thrush

First of all, let’s take a look at what causes thrush.

As I explained earlier, thrush develops when Candida albicans bacteria is allowed to grow out of control. This can happen for a number of reasons such as:

A weakened immune system – If your immune system is not working at full strength, it won’t be able to fight off infection as quickly or as easily.

A deficiency of good bacteria – You’ve probably heard of “friendly” bacteria from advertisements of products such as yoghurt. Friendly bacteria or probiotics compete for space and resources within the human body, which prevents Candida from over-populating.

Too much sugar – Candida benefits from high levels of sugar, so if you have a high blood sugar level. It can create beneficial conditions for the bacteria to multiply out of control.

For some people there may be underlying diseases that cause the above conditions. Such as diabetics having high blood-sugar levels and manic depressives having a weak immune system. If you have an illness or disease that you think might be causing thrush. You should consult your doctor for further advice.

Now, let’s move on to how we can avoid thrush by making our bodies an undesirable place for Candida to live.


Healthy Living

Scientists and medical practitioners have long known the links between a healthy lifestyle and a strong immune system.

You can strengthen your own immune system by exercising regularly, eating a healthy and varied diet (more on that later), maintaining manageable levels of stress. And avoiding tobacco, alcohol and other harmful substances.

There are lots of resources on the Internet about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So I won’t go into details here – just be aware that exercise, diet and relaxation can help build your immune system, which in turn can help you prevent thrush.

If you suffer from depression and treatment from your doctor has not been successful. I can recommend the End Your Depression website.



Probiotics or “friendly” bacteria live in your body just like the Candida bacteria but don’t cause any harmful effects. They actually help to control overpopulation of bad bacteria by competing with them for space. And resources within the body and so are beneficial to avoiding thrush and other illnesses.

Many people develop thrush during (or immediately after) a course of antibiotics. This is because antibiotics kill both good bacteria and bad bacteria in the body, so whilst it may help get rid of an infection. It can also leave the body prone to picking up a new infection.

This is one of the reasons that antibiotics are only available on prescription from your doctor if there is no other solution.

That’s not to say antibiotics are a bad thing – on the contrary. They’re essential for treating many ailments – but, in my opinion, they should only be used as a last resort.

By ingesting probiotics regularly, you can effectively avoid thrush forever. Because the “friendly flora” will maintain the balance of yeast in your body.

Probiotics can be found in products such as yoghurt or you can obtain supplements of probiotics from health shops or online.

You can also create your own probiotics at home, however this is beyond the scope of this article.



Altering your diet can also help you to avoid thrush by removing the conditions that yeasts require to thrive.

We already mentioned sugars earlier, however there are other foodstuffs that should be taken in moderation (or avoided completely) to help prevent thrush including:

Yeast – found in yeasted breads.

MSG – MSG and other yeast extracts are used as a flavouring in many foods.

Fermented and Pickled foods – such as alcohol and pickled onions.

Processed white flour

Old cheeses


Again, it is beyond the scope of this article to provide specific recipes, ingredients and meal plans but if you want further advice on the type of foods that can help avoid thrush, check here!

As well as ideas for a healthy thrush-combating diet, she also talks about probiotics in a lot more detail as well as specific remedies for infant thrush, vaginal thrush, breastfeeding thrush and oral thrush.


When it comes to the End, I HIGHLY recommend a wonderful resource called “Yeast Infection No More” Check it out!


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