It is a common misconception that when you require to lose love handles and develop muscle in a stomach area you need to concentrate on that isolated muscle group. Although this does work to a certain extent, when you feel like you are not making any progress for while, you may need to think about incorporating different exercises into your routine. ( Click her for lose fat and love handles! )

how to get rid of love handles


Advanced exercises concentrate more on your core muscles and implementing compound, free weight exercises, that require your trunk to stabilize your body. Not only will this define your stomach muscles like never before, but it also does wonders for your metabolism, helping you to burn of fat quicker.

Here are three examples of advanced love handle exercises to get started on. These exercises are not suitable for doing at home:

Squats – Many advanced personal trainers consider squats to be the most important exercise of all. For those of you who do not know what a squat is, you put your feet shoulder width apart, lower your body down by bending at the knees and hips. Keeping your back as straight as possible and keeping the weight in your heels. You lower yourself down as far as possible, then push through your heels to get back into a standing position. Squats are hard to get the hang of, so it is important that you research the movement properly before you perform one. Once you have got the correct technique, you can then start to introduce squatting with weights. Squats are great because they work the whole of your body, especially the stomach region once weights are incorporated into the movement. The core muscles are taught to stabilize and you will feel a pull on your abdominal muscles if perform correctly.

Decline Sit Up with Weight – This exercise is just a more advanced version of the sit up, but a lot more affective. In your gym there should be a declined sit up bench and some weights. To start off with you may wish to not use the weight and just get used to doing decline sit ups. Once you start to find this easy, add some weights to the exercise.

Dead Lifts – Although dead lifts are primarily for your back muscles, you still need a very strong core to perform them. Any exercise that needs a strong core, will help you tone up your mid section and get rid of you love handles. Dead lifts can cause muscle ache if perform incorrectly, so it is best if you get an experienced person to show you how to do these correctly and safely.


All the above exercises have no limits on how heavy you should have the weights as you are performing the exercise. The best thing you can do is to start of lightly until you have the correct technique and slowly build yourself up to lifting heavy. The heavier you lift, the better the results will be. This is the great thing about incorporating weights in to love handle exercises, you can keep pushing yourself so you will constantly be getting great results.

Weight lifting is also much more effective at burning fat than any other exercise, as it speeds up your metabolism. With a fast working metabolism that excess love handle fat will be off in no time.


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